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Hello, I'm Caroline Ray, the passionate founder and creative force behind Novidé, a design house at the intersection of creative boldness and strategic precision.

My journey in design traces back to my early years, fueled by a blend of cultural influences from my English and Danish heritage. Born in Brussels, I embarked on a quest to explore diverse cultures, sparking an insatiable curiosity that continues to shape my creative vision.

My professional path reflects a commitment to excellence. Armed with a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship and Design Management from Denmark, complemented by expertise in Advertising and Digital Creation, I've honed my skills through a variety of roles. From collaborating with prestigious brands like P&G and Amazon as a Graphic Designer at Integer TBWA in Hamburg to spearheading design initiatives for industry giants like Spotify and Pepsi as Head of Design at Happiness Saigon, my journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of creativity and innovation.

Driven by a passion for exploration, my personal journey has led me across continents, enriching my creative palette and inspiring my projects.

Today, I embody a fusion of creative audacity and strategic precision. My mission extends beyond mere creation; it's about enriching the world through design, adding value, and sharing my passion with others. Drawing inspiration from the timeless legacy of Scandinavian design, I infuse each project with simplicity, functionality, and quality—values that define the essence of Novidé.

Welcome to Novidé, where my passion meets your inspiration, turning your vision into reality.


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